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HPLC chromatography is one of the world's most effective measuring methods in chemistry analysis.  It is so common it is depended on in many research laboratories and chemical research labs worldwide.  The methods of chromatography are used in many manufacturing techniques, and the separation that it provides is unprecedented in the world of analytical chemistry.

HPLC Chromatography

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The process of column chromatography can be explained simply as the method of separating elements and molecules from a solution or gas.  There are two phases used in this process:  The stationary phase and the mobile phase.  The stationary phase is a matrix of a solid, loose so that the liquid or gas can pass through.  The solid particles used react with the eluent, or mobile phase, and stop each molecule from passing through at a given speed.
The mobile phase is the solution to be separated.  This can be comprised of many different elements or molecular mixtures.  As the mobile phase is sent through the stationary particles, the individual atoms or molecules of the solution bind with the particles at different intervals, thus dividing the solution into its different constituents.
This is an effective method for separating solution for use in the chemical disciplines, and for pharmaceutical research and chemical anlysis.  It is also used for separating the constituents of plant juices for purification, so that the juices can be analysed for possible useful chemicals.  Many vital drugs have been developed using this process by separating plant and other organic fluids, and will continue to be used in the future.
The separation of chemicals via column chromatography is also used to purify chemicals.  When contaminated or mixed solutions are passed through the stationary phase, each constituent, due to its attributes, will separate out, eliminating the need to manufacture new batches.
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